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Why go solar?

Going solar can help your business in many ways. First and most importantly, you could boost your bottom line with savings on electricity and operating costs. Promoting your solar energy credentials may also assist your appeal to customers and suppliers – those looking to support businesses committed to sustainable energy practices. It’s also possible that you’ll be eligible for government rebates. No matter your industry, you can reap benefits from going solar.

Solarnest, your trusted partner

We’re here to help your business go solar and are committed to finding the right commercial energy solution for your property. As Australia’s local solar company, we’re powering many houses and businesses every year. We know a lot about Solar – including batteries and off-grid systems. Our experts have been installing solar systems for over 5 years, and we’ve delivered many solar systems Australia-wide. We’ll tailor a solar solution to the needs of your business, minimising your daytime energy costs.

Feed-in tariffs and Government rebates

Feed-in tariffs may be available when you purchase your solar system. You could receive a payment (at a government-set rate) for the electricity you generate and don’t use. The power returns to the grid, and payment flows to you. Your business may also be eligible for a federal government tax rebate to deduct the cost of your solar system.

Not sure you’re ready?

Let it cool off…

Solarnest won’t size and price a system unless we know we can deliver everything we’ve told you at our face-to-face meeting. That’s why we offer a ten-day cooling-off period if you change your mind, without any penalty or financial obligation.

We demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and provide an opportunity for customers to make an informed decision. We promote transparency and build trust with customers.

Commercial  Solar Benifits

Cost Savings

Solar power allows businesses to generate their electricity, reducing their reliance on grid power and thus cutting down energy expenses over time. This is especially beneficial for businesses with high energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Incentives

The Australian government provides various financial incentives and rebates to encourage businesses to adopt renewable energy sources, including solar. These incentives can significantly lower the upfront installation costs.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Incorporating solar power into a business can lead to better energy management and efficiency. Solar panels can be installed on rooftops, reducing the need for air conditioning during peak hours by shading the building, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Environmental Impact

Utilizing solar energy helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. By generating clean electricity from the sun, commercial establishments can contribute to a more sustainable future and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Energy Security

By producing their electricity on-site, businesses become less susceptible to energy price fluctuations and potential power outages. This improves energy security and reduces the risks associated with interruptions in the grid supply.

Marketing and Branding

Embracing renewable energy, such as solar power, can enhance a business’s public image and reputation. Many consumers prefer to support environmentally conscious bus

Long-Term Investment

Solar panels have a long lifespan (typically 25-30 years or more) and require minimal maintenance. This long-term investment can result in consistent savings on electricity bills over the system’s operational life.