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Looking to get a solar system set up at home? Solarnest has a range of solar panels, inverters and batteries designed to work with various household and energy needs.



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Frequent Questions


What is the STC Scheme? Am I eligible to receive it?

A federal government project called the Australian Small Scale Technology Certificates programme aims to help homes cut the upfront cost of installing solar electricity and jump-start the renewable energy industry. Although it’s commonly called a “Solar Rebate,” it’s not a rebate in the conventional sense. Installing a solar system results in producing several STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates). These certifications demonstrate the advantages of solar energy over fuels that release carbon dioxide, such as gas and coal. They have a monetary value and are traded on an open market. Installers then pass this on to homeowners by lowering their system prices.


How much will a solar system cost?

To give you an exact quote, we suggest doing an in-home consultation. However, as a local solar retailer, Solarnest prices our systems within the CEC price guideline.


How much will solar save me on electricity costs?

It is only possible to give exact savings figures by conducting an in-home consultation with one of our trained solar experts, who can look at your existing electricity usage, roof layout and more. However, you can get an estimate by contacting us and completing our savings calculator.


Will I earn money by sending power to the grid?

Using your solar power in the home is the best way to maximise potential savings. Your solar power will be exported to the grid if that’s not an option. Your energy provider will then pay you for this electricity. The amount you are paid is called the FiT or Feed-In Tariff. Each energy provider offers a different tariff amount worth shopping around.